Having grown up in Bristol, visiting Bath was a regular occurrence. The city is vibrant and something is always happening which makes it a popular tourist and shopping destination. This hasn’t changed to this day with more and more street performers, shops and events which has brought more popularity to the area.

Bath ‘moving cyclist’ street performer.
Bath ‘moving cyclist’ street performer.

The street performers are all over Bath, and cover everything from statues, magic shows, circus acts and even a pigeon man who has a friendly flock of birds that follow him. These add a welcome break in-between shopping, and are perfect to sit and watch whilst sipping a coffee.

Pigeon man street performer in Bath.
Pigeon man street performer in Bath.

One of the reasons why Bath is so popular is it’s architecture. The buildings are made from a type of oolitic limestone found especially near Bath which is a grey to yellowish colour and can be seen all over the city in both new and old buildings.

Limestone pillars in Bath.
Bath Abby constructed of Limestone.
Limestone buildings and floors.

A less touristy reason, but another popular reason to visit Bath is the shopping. Bath has easy connections from the motorway and plenty of cycle paths which join the city to surrounding areas.

Bike rack.

A newly developed shopping area has added a large amount of shops popular with everyone. If busy shops aren’t your thing however, there are plenty of smaller side streets which host local quirky shops and stalls.

Umbrellas in Bath.
Umbrellas in Bath.
Lemonade stall in bath.


Another popular tourist attraction in Bath is the River Avon which flows under the famous Pulteney Bridge via a weir. The bridge is now 45 metres (148 ft) long and 18 metres (58 ft) wide and is a World Heritage Site largely because of its Georgian architecture. Construction started in 1770 and was completed by 1774 at a cost of £11,000, it’s one of only four bridges in the world to have shops across its full span on both sides.


Pulteney Bridge reflections.
Pulteney Bridge and the River Avon.
Pulteney Bridge.
Bath is a fantastic city which really does have something for everyone. There is lots to see and do which makes it a proper day out!